Good news to Prime subscribers in England and Germany

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription in England or in Germany? Have you ever experienced the annoying fact that you couldn’t enjoy your subscription during your holiday (abroad)? That has just changed!

Politicians in the EU fight hard for EU citizens to be able to enjoy their home conditions when traveling. For that reason, roaming fees were mostly removed last year, and this year the same team came with another big news. You can now enjoy your home streaming experience, also when abroad in the EU. Until now, you could only enjoy and stream your German Prime subscription while in Germany. But, isn’t that kind of unfair that you cannot use the service you pay for when you visit Italy? The EU calls this unfair, and therefore they introduced new regulations from April 1st. If you have a streaming subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you should be able to use it when you travel to another EU country.

new regulations amazon prime abroad

That is revolutionary for Amazon Prime, while Netflix subscribers have lived with this without to much trouble for years. While you will not get access to any Prime videos or content as you travel abroad, Netflix has always given you access to the content available in the EU country you visit. So, it never stopped working, you only got access to different content. But, now that will change, and you should be entitled to stream all your home content on Amazon Prime and Netflix as you visit other EU countries.

I have already written an article on how this will impact Netflix, and you can read it here. For Prime members, this is 100% wonderful news, but for Netflix subscribers, this might cause trouble. There are thousands of Netflix members in EU countries using a VPN to gain access to other regions/countries. But, with the new regulations, a VPN might not help you anymore, because you will get access to your home region in all cases, no matter which VPN you use.

This will, however, not impact American Netflix or Amazon Prime in any way. For more information on how you can access American Netflix and American Amazon Prime from abroad, press the links.

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