Now you can watch Allegiant (Divergent Series) on Amazon

Allegiant on AmazonThe third film in the Divergent series is named Allegiant. It can now be rented or bought on, so if you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance.

The Divergent series is very similar to The Hungar Games in several, even though the story is quite different. I remember watching the first film. I did not have big expectations, but I ended up surprised in a positive way. Since then I have watched both the second and the third film. While I still like the Divergent series, I must admit that the first film was by far the best. But, maybe the fourth and the last film can become a winner again?

If you have watched the first two Divergent films you will most likely watch number three as well. It is not at all bad, but it was kind of boring to me. There are lots of film much more boring than Allegiant, so I would give it a 6/10 score myself.

How can I watch Allegiant on Amazon?

If you want to watch the Allegiant film on you can simply go ahead and buy it. It is not available with your Prime subscription, hence you will have to pay to rent or buy the film. If you are living outside the United States I recommend that you read these instructions, which will make you able to get access to Allegiant on Amazon, also from abroad. In the same way you can also watch Divergent and Insurgent on Amazon.

Are you a fan of the Divergent series? Are you looking forward to the last film which will be named Ascendant? I kind of compare Divergent to the Maze Runner. The first Maze Runner film was better than Divergent, but The Storch Trials was a terrible sequel to the Maze Runner, making The Divergent series much better (on the long run).

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