God’s Not Dead 2 is now on Amazon.com

I haven’t seen God’s Not Dead 2 yet, but I have seen the first film and with film number two now on Amazon Instant Video I will for sure take a look at this one as well within shortly.

God’s Not Dead 2 was supposed to be made available on Amazon.com on July 27th, but as I just visited the website they now write that the film be made available on August 16th.

Gods not dead 2 on Amazon Instant Video

In God’s Not Dead we meet a student who gets into discussion with his philosophy professor who claims that God is Dead and to pass the class his students simply have to agree on that. Josh Wheaton does not agree and the first film shows us his fight and trials to “defend” God and do his best to explain his faith to fellow students and to his professor.

The second film has a different story, and this time we meet a teacher who quotes the Bible in school and because of this she has to be put on trial as such a terrible thing should not take place in a public school. I have as I mentioned not seen the film yet, but I look very much forward to watching God’s Not Dead. If you want to you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video. If you are located abroad then you can find out more about how you can watch Instant Videos from abroad right here in this article.

If you want to watch the original God’s Not Dead film then you can for example watch it on Canadian Netflix. You can find out more about how you can access Canadian Netflix in this article.

I hope you will enjoy God’s Not Dead and if you have any comments regarding the film or maybe a question, just use the comment field beneath.

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