The Age of Adaline on Amazon Prime

Age of Adaline on Amazon PrimeI have earlier written about how you can watch Age of Adaline on Amazon, but now it is even easier as it just turned available on Amazon Prime.

This means that with an Amazon Prime subscription you can now watch The Age of Adaline for free on, all you need is to be located in the USA with a valid Prime subscription. You can of course watch Amazon Prime videos from abroad as well, but then you need to follow my instructions in the article referred to.

I must say that The Age of Adaline is a very nice and romantic film and one that is a safe bet if you aim at having a romantic evening in front of the TV with someone you love. It tells us the story of a lady that was hit by a lightning, and as a result she has stopped aging. This is a fact she has to hide and as a consequence she is very scared of getting emotionally attached to anyone or anything. But, one day a very special boy arrives and he has a special family as well.

Age of Adaline on Amazon Prime and Hulu

It is interesting that the film turned available on Hulu and Amazon Prime at the same time however. For some reasons it seems as if these two streaming platforms get the rights to the same films at the same time. This can be seen easily every month when the new films coming to both platforms are announced. If you want to watch The Age of Adaline on Hulu, read my instructions on watching Hulu from abroad. But, why watch Age of Adaline of Hulu if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription?

I can warmly recommend this as a romantic movie, so go ahead and watch it and have a good time.

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