Watch Matrix on Amazon Prime

It is August 1st and it is a breakthrough day for Matrix fans with an Amazon Prime subscription. As of today you can watch all three Matrix films on Amazon Prime.Matrix on Amazon Prime

I have never ever seen any of the Matrix films, and I do not really know why. They are said to be brilliant, and I actually believe that. It is therefore quite strange that I haven’t watched them yet, but maybe sometime in the near future I will pull myself together and start watching. And considering the fact that all Matrix films can now be seen on Amazon Prime makes it a lot easier.

Will I do with Matrix as I did with X-Men?

The first X-Men film was released back in 2000 or 2001 (if I remember correct), but I only watched the X-Men films in 2016. Maybe I will do the same with Matrix and once I start, I will watch them all in a short amount of time.

There are lots of Matrix fans out there who have seen all the films loads of times. I will probably never do that, because I can’t stand watching films more than once (normally), but I will probably give the films as chance.

Go ahead and watch Matrix on Amazon Prime and have a good time. Would you recommend the films to me, because if you write a nice review I might as a result actually watch the films.

For a full list of other films coming to Amazon Prime in August 2016, click the link.

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