Batman vs Superman on Amazon Instant Video

Lots of great films were added to Amazon Prime in July, but not all films are added as Prime videos, especially not the newest and most popular films? Batman vs Superman will come to Amazon Instant Video on July 22nd so if you want to watch it it is not enough to have your Prime subscription as you will have to watch this film on its own as an Instant Video.

Batman v Superman on AMazon

If you want to know more about how you can watch Prime videos and Instant videos online when abroad then you should simply press the link and you will be ready to watch Batman vs Superman on Instant Video or watch some other film on Amazon Prime or elsewhere.

The film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received fairly good critics and it currently has a 7,7/10 score on iMDB. That is a nice score, but on Rotten Tomatoes it only has a score of 27% and on Metacritics 44%. What do you think? Did you like Batman v Superman? You can watch the film on demand on from now. Enjoy watching, and please write a comment afterwards to tell me how you liked the film!

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