Coming to Amazon Instant Video in February 2017

I have already written about what’s coming to Amazon Prime in February 2017. But, what movies and TV series will be made available on Amazon Instant Video?

Maybe you wonder what the difference is between Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime? The answer is easy. With Amazon Prime content you can stream it for free since it is included in your subscription. New content is however to “hot” to include in Amazon Prime, but to make it available you are given the chance to buy the rights to watch every single episode of a TV series or a movie and thus the rights to stream it. And yes, there are many situations in which you will want to buy the rights to watch a movie or to stream a TV series, for example in February 2017.

24 legacy coming to amazon instant video

What I look forward to the most in February 2017 is without a doubt the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new season of the FOX blockbuster series. This time 24 will come with a season of 12 episodes and without Kiefer Sutherland in the role as Jack Bauer. Based on the trailers it seems as if the show will go on without any hint in the story that there actually existed a CTU with Jack Bauer in the lead earlier. Still there might be some connection because Tony Almeida just showed up in the newest 24: Legacy trailer. Time will show. If you want to stream the new episodes of 24: Legacy then you can buy the right to watch the entire season on Amazon, or you can buy the right to watch the different episodes one by one. Or you can visit Hulu and watch all the episodes there instead. Find out more on how you can stream 24 online on Hulu from abroad right here.

Another great movie coming to Amazon Instant Video in February 2017 is Doctor Strange. I remember watching it in the theaters and I had low expectations. The movie however surprised me and I actually liked it. If you want to watch it online then February is the month when it will become possible.

Coming to Amazon Instant Video February 2017

TV series coming to Amazon Instant Video

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern 20 February 1
Steven Universe Vol. 6 February February 17
The Dead Files 10 February 5
Mighty Magiswords Vol. 2 February 4
The Detour 2 February 6
24: Legacy 1 February 6
MasterChef Junior 5 February 10
Planet Earth II 1 February 19
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 1 February 16
Bates Motel 5 February 21

Movies coming to Amazon Instant Video

The Dead Files February 5
Disierto February 7
Legion February 9
Doctor Strange (2016) (Theatrical Version) February 14

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