24: Legacy is now on Amazon.com

We did not have to wait for a long time before 24: Legacy came to Amazon.com. If you want to watch the newest episode and the new season, but it and watch it as an Instant Video on Amazon.com right away!

The 24: Legacy premiere took place on Fox just after the Super Bowl on February 5th. I did not look so much forward to the Super Bowl, but I did really look forward to 24: Legacy. Now, it must be said that Lady Gaga has received lots of praise for her half time show during the Super Bowl, but if you are looking for real action then 24: Legacy will do that for you much more than Lady Gaga.

Watch 24 Legacy on Amazon.com
Watch 24 Legacy on Amazon.com

There are several ways to watch 24: Legacy online. You can buy the rights to watch the different episodes on Amazon.com, or buy the rights to the entire season at once (and immediately get access to the new episodes as they are released). Or you could consider watching them on Hulu instead. If you do not have a Hulu subscription then you can use this link to sign up and get two weeks of Hulu watching for free before you need to pay anything. For those located outside the United States then these instructions will tell you how to get access to Hulu from abroad.

I personally watch 24: Legacy on Hulu as it is cheaper and I use Hulu to watch lots of other great TV series as well. But, if you prefer watching the action on Amazon.com as Instant Video then that is of course entirely up to you!

Enjoy watching 24: Legacy on Amazon.com, and if you need more help on how to watch Amazon Instant Videos outside the United States, press the link and find the help you are looking for.

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