New titles on Prime Reading

Most people sign up for Amazon Prime because of the videos and TV series. I agree to that, but since the launching of Prime Reading that has turned into one of my favorite parts of Prime Reading as well.

I have already read quite a lot of books that was “given” to me for free with my Amazon Prime account, and in February even more great books were added.

Great new Prime Reading titles on Amazon

The most important newcomers on Prime Reading

I do not know exactly when the different books are added, but here are some of the fantastic books that I just discovered available with Prime Reading that I believe it is worth reading. First and foremost, I would like to say that 1984 by George Orwell is a must-read book for most people.

When I read that book, I was totally surprised. It gave me a feeling of what it must be like to live in a society of surveillance, something that felt quite strange growing up in a free country with no such threats nearby. You might say that in our modern society today big brother is watching all our steps, especially online, making 1984 more actual now than it has ever been. Make up your mind for yourself, but do not miss out on 1984 as it is a book you should absolutely read if you haven’t read it yet.

Did you like The Imitation Game?

If you liked the movie The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Morten Tyldum, then you might be interested in reading the book about Alan Turing named “Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma.” The book is written by David Boyle and you might find it interesting if you like reading about guys like Alan Turing.

For those who are big fans of The Lord of The Rings movies and who would like to get started reading the book, then The Fellowship of the Ring, the first part of the book, can now be borrowed for free online with Prime Reading. This is a light start to the entire story, and once you have read this book you can know that you have been through about one third of the full story.

There are more books available, but the one I have already borrowed myself is: “What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions.” The book is written by Randall Munroe, and in it he answers hilarious and stupid questions with pure facts and science. Examples of such questions are:

  • What if I took a swim in a spent-nuclear-fuel pool?
  • Could you build a jetpack using downward-firing machine guns?
  • What if a Richter 15 earthquake hit New York City?
  • Are fire tornadoes possible?

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting book?

For those who want to read a romantic book

If you are a fan of romantic movies, then you have probably seen The Lake House. But, have you read the book? If you haven’t read the book yet, then now is your chance. The original book was written by Ella Carey and you can now read it for free with Prime Reading.

These are some of the newcomers that I am excited about on Prime Reading If you want to know more about Prime Reading just press the link. For more information on how you can sign up for Amazon Prime from abroad, visit



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