When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Last week I watched Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch in the cinemas. Now I want to watch it again. When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Sometimes I have the feeling that everything Marvel touches turns into gold. All their crazy movies about superheroes of all kinds turn so popular. I do not like all of them, and earlier this year I also wrote about the fact that Deadpool never became a favorite of mine. So what’s up with Doctor Strange?

I remember when I first watch the Doctor Strange trailer. I said to myself, this is  a movie I am never going to watch. It looked terrible to me. But, then time went by and as Doctor Strange came to the cinema I read lots of great reviews. And since i love going to cinema that was a big enough excuse to check out Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Doctor Strange.

How did I like Doctor Strange?

The movie surprised me in a positive way. It did not become a new super favorite as there are hundreds of movies I would rather watch one more time than Doctor Strange. But, since I went to the movies expecting 40%, it wasn’t very hard for the movie makers to surprise me in a positive way. So yes, I was positively surprised by Doctor Strange, but it still shouldn’t be counted as a new favorite of mine.


Why was I so critical to Doctor Strange?

The main reason is that this was a way to strange role for Benedict Cumberbatch. To me his character is typical for serious characters, and Doctor Strange is somehow the completely opposite. It therefore felt strange to follow Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange throughout the movie. It did however pass by throughout the movie and in the end I had no problem with Cumberbatch in the role as Doctor Strange anymore.

When can I watch Doctor Strange on Amazon.com?

That is a brilliant question. It would have been great if it arrived before Christmas, but that will for sure not happen.

Based on the latest news and articles Doctor Strange will come to Amazon.com as an Instant VIdeo in February 2017. You can then buy it as an Instant Video and stream it online straight away. This has been confirmed (January 2017) so it is just to be patient for a little while longer and the movie will be ready on Amazon and waiting for you to stream it.

Have you watched Doctor Strange as well? Did you like the movie?

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