Netflix just followed in the footsteps of Amazon

netflix-in-the-footsteps-of-amazonWhen it comes to blocking VPN and SmartDNS services Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Netflix. But, when it comes to availability offline it is the other way around!

It is almost funny to see how Netflix had to turn around on their “no-offline” viewing policy. It was, if I remember correct, in the start of 2016 that their press manager said that Netflix will not become available offline. This was just not a needed function, especially since Netflix just became available in nations all across the globe. But, there was an error in this thought. There are lots of places around the globe where Wi-Fi is still missing. And when you are out travelling it is often hard to find Wi-Fi. What are Netflix users to do then? Maybe sign up for Amazon Prime and watch Amazon movies offline instead? That is of course out of the question for Netflix, and thus they had to take action.

The result is that you can now download quite a lot of Netflix content in the applications for iOS and Android and watch it offline. It is just as easy to use as it is in the Amazon Videos application. I have written an article on this also on the Netflix from Abroad website, so if you want to find out more about how to watch Netflix offline and how it works, click the linked article.

Does this make Netflix better than Amazon Prime?

Of course not, but it for sure makes Netflix much better. The battle between Netflix and Amazon Prime is much more about content than anything else. Which platform has the content you want. I must admit that they are both great, but Amazon Prime still gives access to free music, free books and other advantages, in addition to the movies and TV series, so I am glad I do not have to decide between Netflix and Amazon Prime – I go for both of them!

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