Amazon Germany is now available in Polish and Turkish

Just like I discovered the chance to visit in English a few months ago, I just discovered how you can visit Amazon Germany in Polish or in Turkish!

Do you think it sounds cool to shop from the German Amazon store in your own language? Most likely your native tongue is German, or at least you live in Germany at the moment. The German Amazon store is the preferred store for those in Germany, especially considering that the neighboring nations like Austria, the Netherlands, France and Italy all have their own dedicated Amazon stores. But, there seems to be something about that makes them the leading provider in this territory. For that very reason they have now made it possible for their customers to shop at the German Amazon store in Turkish or in Polish. This is a small language setting that needs to be changed, and once it has been made, you can read about products and find information in Turkish, Polish, English and Dutch (in addition to German).

You can read more about how to actually access Amazon in Turkish or Polish in this article.

Shop from Amazon in German

This upgrade came together with another upgrade that made Amazon Germany even more popular in the central European region. What they just did was to introduce free shipping on orders above 39 Euro on products shipped by themselves to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. That was one giant upgrade, and I have personally tried this and enjoyed it myself several times already.

It seems in other words as if Amazon Germany wants to become the leading Amazon store across Europe, and considering their prices (which are fairly better than, that should be possible!

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