Coming to Amazon Prime February 2017

Here is a complete list of movies and TV series coming to Amazon Prime in February 2017. There are some goodies on the list, so take a look at it.

February is one of the most depressing months of the year (says some), but it is in fact a fantastic month for those in love with a good movie. It is not only a month for watching TV, it is also the month for Super Bowl. And yes, following super bowl is the premiere of 24: Legacy. Unfortunately 24 fans can not stream the new season with their Prime subscription, but you can buy the right to watch every episode as an Instant Video if you want to. Or you can of course just watch 24: Legacy as it will be made available on Hulu as well.

Another important event in February is the Academy Awards. The nominees for this years awards has just been announced and La La Land has been nominated for as many as 14 awards. I am not a big fan of this movie myself, but it will still be one of the highlights for movie fans in February 2017.

James Bond coming to Amazon Prime February 2017
James Bond coming to Amazon Prime February 2017

But, what will happen on Amazon Prime in February 2017?

Here you can see the full list of TV series and movies coming to Amazon Prime in February 2017


Creative Galaxy Heart Day Special * (AMAZON ORIGINAL) 2 February 7
The Americans 4 February 15
The Collection* (AMAZON ORIGINAL) 1 February 10
The Tunnel 1 February 21


10 Cloverfield Lane February 24
Captain Fantastic February 27
Into the Wild February 1
Thelma & Louise February 1
Teen Wolf (1985) February 1
Yellowbird February 4
My King February 1
Nuts! February 1
Author: JT Leroy Story *(AMAZON ORIGINAL) February 16
Hook February 1
Havana motor Club February 27
Hostile Border February 6
Touched with Fire February 26
Forces of Nature February 1
American Teen February 15
Care Bears Movie February 1
Dead Heat February 1
Diamonds Are Forever February 1
Die Another Day February 1
Drop Zone February 1
Escape from Alcatraz February 1
The Firm February 1
Frankie & Johnny (1991) February 1
Goldfinger February 1
Hoosiers February 1
I Went Down February 1
Judgement Day February 1
Kiss the Bride February 1
The Living Daylights February 1
Live and Let Die February 1
Man with the Golden Gun February 1
Margin Call February 1
Never Say Never Again February 1
Octopussy February 1
Payback February 1
Pretty in Pink February 1
Rob Roy February 1
The Running Man February 1
Sabrina (1954) February 1
Sabrina (1995) February 1
Soapdish February 1
The Spy Who Loved Me February 1
Untamed Heart February 1
Wild Bill February 1
The World is Not Enough February 1
You Only Live Twice February 1

The arrival of the Amazon Original The Collection must be considered a highlight for many. After watching the trailer I did not feel to attracted to this myself, but it will still bring some attention to Amazon after its release in February 2017.

For those in love with James Bond February will be a fantastic month. Lots of James Bond movies will be made available to Amazon Prime members, meaning that you can watch Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery and even Pierce Brosnan in their roles as James Bond on Amazon Prime in February 2017.

What are you looking forward to on Amazon Prime in February 2017?

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