I Love Dick coming to Amazon on May 12th 2017

There are lots of great TV series coming from Amazon and one of the most anticipated TV series at the moment is I Love Dick which will premiere at May 12th 2017.

I Love Dick tells the story about a couple moving to Texas. Their lives are not at all perfect and in their not so perfect marriage even more trouble comes as Dick arrives (played by Kevin Bacon). If you want to see the first short trailer of I Love Dick then take a look at it right here.

There are coming more and more Amazon series that turn popular. Bosch is an example of such a series, but it is still living in the shadows of popular series such as Transparent and Orange is the New Black. Can I Love Dick become a new popular TV series?

I Love Dick on AmazonI recently watched half the first episode of another Amazon original named Sneaky Pete. So far it looks quite good, but I will have to watch it even more to make up a real opinion.

Are you looking forward to I Love Dick on Amazon? I guess I am not really looking forward to it, after all there are so much other stuff to watch as well. So, what do I look forward to? One of the most anticipated TV series for me in 2017 is 24: Legacy, a Fox series that will premiere on February 5th 2017, just after Super Bowl. That will be awesome, at least I hope it will.

What do you look forward to in 2017? Do you look forward to I Like Dick, or are there other TV series you look much more forward to instead?

Find out more about how you can watch Amazon Prime from abroad right here. If you are more interested in 24: Legacy like me, then the best platform where you can watch 24: Legacy is Hulu. If you however do some math then you will also understand that by the time I Love Dick come to Amazon 24: Legacy will almost be over. The new 24 season will only consist of 12 episodes, so 12 weeks after February 5th we will be around May 12th somewhere. So, instead of fighting against 24: Legacy, maybe I Love Dick can fill the void from it already being finished?


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