Can’t renew my Amazon Prime subscription with Gift Card balance. What to do?

pay for amazon prime without US cardThere is a normal problem on Amazon that people want to pay for services with their international cards, but can not. Amazon will often only let you pay for services with a US based payment card.

When you do an international purchase of a book or maybe a DVD this doesn’t really matter. You can pay with cards from all across the world. But, if you want to rent a movie on or maybe purchase an Instant Movie you will get into trouble. You will get an error message telling you that your payment method is not valid.

Two years ago when I first signed up for Amazon Prime I could use my international payment card to do so. But, since then things have developed and now I can not use my international card to pay for Amazon Prime anymore. What is the solution? Well, for a long time I thought the solution would be to delete all international cards and instead buy an Amazon Gift Card and apply it to my balance. In that way I would have a “US Balance” with my gift cards, but then I just realized that it doesn’t work either for paying for your Prime subscription.

So, what can be done if a US payment card is required to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription, but you do not have one? I just paid for my Amazon Prime subscription today and to get it done I used this US Payment Card which you can get all across the world.

Pay for Amazon Prime all across the world

If you want to pay for Amazon Prime, but can not do so at the moment because you do not have a US Payment card, do as follows:

  1. Visit US Unlocked and sign up for their services.
  2. Transfer amount to your US Unlocked account.
  3. Use the US Unlocked Payment Card which will be issued to you as soon as your transferred money has arrived.

If you need an American address in addition I recommend that you use Shipito which also cooperate with US Unlocked.

Now you can pay for Amazon Prime easily

So yes, with this solution you can pay for Amazon Prime from all across the world. You can also use it to rent movies on Amazon, to buy Instant Videos and to pay for whatever US service you want to. I have for example used this also to pay for CBS All Access and it works great.

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