Prime Video vs Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime vs Prime VideoWhat is the difference between Prime Video and Amazon Prime? Which service is the best for you? Everything there is to know about Prime Video vs Amazon Prime?

If you have a lot of insight on the topic of Amazon Prime vs Prime Video, then you might know already that there are some big differences. The biggest difference is the fact that Prime Video is supposed to be a service to be available to people in countries where Amazon Prime is unavailable. Let us take a country like Romania for example. There is not Amazon store in the country and there is no change of signing up for Amazon Prime (of course there is, and you can read more about how to do so here), but in general Amazon Prime is unavailable in Romania. But, if a user in Romania decides to visit he will at once be able to sign up and watch the content available on Prime Video.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – where do you live?

The basic question that needs to be answered is therefore – where do you live? If you live in a country where Amazon Prime is unavailable, then Prime Video is probably the right service to choose for you.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – the content question

Now there is a big difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video. First of all, Amazon Prime is much more than just a streaming service. Amazon Prime is a service that will give you access to lots of other services in addition, like faster shipping, free photo storage, music streaming, free Kindle books and much more. Comparing the two services are therefore quite hard. But, there is a service in the USA named the Prime Video subscription which is fairly similar to the Prime Video known all around the globe. There is however way more content available with Amazon Prime Video in the USA than you will experience with Prime Video elsewhere, so if you have the chance of signing up in the USA that is way better considering the content available.

The amount of Amazon Original content is mostly the same, but the big difference comes to the amount of non Amazon productions available.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – the price question

Currently it is possible to sign up for Prime Video and only pay 3 USD per month. The real price will be 6 USD per month and that you will have to pay after six months. For Amazon Prime in the United States you will have to pay 10 USD per month or 100 USD per year. If you subscribe at good days then you will get the annual subscription for around 80 USD (around Black Friday etc). The price is therefore not very big, considering all the extra services you will get included if you sign up for Amazon Prime in the United States.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – conclusion

The way I see it there is little doubt about the fact that Amazon Prime in the United States is way better than Prime Video elsewhere. You get much more, and most importantly, the content made available to stream is also way bigger. You have to pay a little bit more, but it is for sure worth it considering the product you get.

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