Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows?

I have earlier written articles on the fact that you can now watch Amazon Instant Videos purchased and Prime videos offline using the Android application for Amazon Videos. But, what is up with Windows? Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows as well?

The answer to that question is really a no, because there is no such application available for Windows in which you can download Prime and Instant Videos and watch them offline. But, there is a small way in which you can fix this anyway and that is by downloading the Amazon Videos application to your Windows computer. But, to download the Amazon Videos application to your Windows computer you will first need to download an Android emulator for Windows and for that purpose BlueStacks is the best program.

  • First visit
  • Download the program and install it.
  • Register your Google account, enter Google Play and download the Amazon application.
  • With this done visit and install the Amazon Video application.
  • Now you have the video application and you can start downloading videos and watch them offline, also in Windows.

Notice that the offline videos are not made for big displays, only for small mobile phones and tablets, meaning that once you see them on bigger screen the quality is quite poor. Here you can see a screenshot made by me as I downloaded and started to watch Selma offline in Windows.

Amazon Video application in Windows
Can I use the Amazon Video application in Windows? Yes, but you need an Android emulator first!

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