Watch Mr. Robot with Amazon Prime in the UK

Mr. Robot just won some Golden Globe awards and I guess you want to watch the show if you have not yet watched it. But there is one problem and that is the fact that you can not find Mr. Robot on Hulu and Netflix. And you can not find it on yet either, only as Instant Videos, but if you have a Prime subscription in the UK or in Germany, then you can watch the first season of Mr. Robot online for free.

Mr Robot on Amazon Prime

The three links above should help you so that you can get started and watch Mr. Robot online right away. And do not forget that the Amazon Prime is free for thirty days, so if you do not really want to pay, then just sign up, watch the episodes within thirty days, and cancel your Amazon UK Prime subscription or your German Amazon Prime subscription at once!

It is worth knowing that Mr. Robot will soon arrive to as well, meaning that US Prime subscribers will soon be able to watch it online included in their Prime subscription as well, but until then we will just have to wait everyone for that moment to arrive.

I have not yet been able to watch Mr. Robot, but with it now turning available on UK and German Prime I guess I will grab the chance and start watching it within shortly. I am really curious, because yesterday I watched Mozart in the Jungle which won two Golden Globe awards and I was really bored, so hopefully Mr. Robot will turn into a bigger success to me personally than Mozart in the Jungle.

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