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Mr Robot online on AmazonMr. Robot just won several Golden Globe awards and thousands of people are out there on the Internet looking for ways in which they can watch Mr. Robot online. Are you among them? Earlier it existed on Hulu, but it is not available there for everyone, it can not be seen on Netflix either… but you can watch it on

At the time I am writing this you can stream the entire first season of Mr. Robot as Instant Videos on

If you visit that page you can either buy rights to watch every single episode or you can save some money and buy a season pass, and thus you will have the rights to watch all 10 episodes from the first season of Mr. Robot. Amazon also has the right to air further episodes of Mr. Robot in the future, so this is the place to be if you want to watch this award winning TV series!

But, what is Mr. Robot about? Mr. Robot tells us the story about a young programmer who works in security business during daytime, but is a big time hacker during night. And when a big hacker wants this guy to hack one of the biggest company available, that is supposed to be protected by the company our guy is working in during daytime things get tough, and that is what this TV series is about.

If you like computers, if you like hacking, if you like technology thrillers and award winning TV series, then Mr. Robot is for you. And, after one season only it won the Golden Globe for the best TV drama. Great work!

If you are located outside the United States but want to watch Mr. Robot on you will need to follow these instructions for that to work.

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