Watch Mr. Robot online on NRK

Mr. Robot has been a great success and it won several Golden Globe Awards recently. Now you can watch Mr. Robot online on NRK in Norway. Want to know how?

watch mr robot online on nrk
If you try to watch Mr Robot online on NRK without a Norwegian IP address this is what you will see!

To watch Mr. Robot online on NRK in Norway for free what you need to do is to get yourself a Norwegian IP address. That can easily be done as you use the VPN services of HideMyAss, by far the best provider if you need a quick, stable and trustworthy VPN connection to a server in Norway.

If you click the button above you can sign up for HideMyAss, and at once afterwards you can download the HideMyAss client to both mobile phones, tablets and computers. Then you connect to a server in Norway and you will have a local IP address in Norway and then you are ready to watch Mr. Robot online on NRK.

If you press the link you will then be able to visit the NRK website and watch all ten episodes from the first season there right away. If you use a tablet or a phone you will need to download the NRK app from Apple Store or Google Play Store, and then you will be able to watch Mr. Robot online on your tablet and phone. Notice that you still need a Norwegian IP address which you can get using HideMyAss.

With your subscription you can also get an American IP address and watch Mr. Robot on, but that will cost you much more money, so the version described here is by fart better.

The episodes will only be available online for a few weeks, so if you want to watch Mr. Robot online on NRK hurry up. If you got here to late then you can watch them on, and in a while they might be made available on Amazon Prime in the USA as well, making it a bit cheaper.

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