Watch the World Cup 2018 for free on NRk

NRK in Norway will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches free of charge. Unfortunately, they will only broadcast 50% of the matches, because TV2, another Norwegian TV channel will broadcast the rest. And while NRK is free of charge, TV2 requires a small payment in order for you to watch.

Watch the World Cup 2018 for free on NRk

NRK will broadcast lots of fantastic matches during the FIFA World Cup, so if you look for a way to stream the event on NRK, it can easily be done. Visit the NRK website and start streaming.

If you live outside Norway, but still want to stream the event on NRK, a Norwegian IP address is needed. Once you have a local IP address in Norway, you can easily stream the FIFA World Cup online, at least the matches broadcasted by NRK. If you pay appx. 100 NOK, you can also get access to TV2 Sumo in Norway, which again will let you stream the rest of the matches as well.

So, how to stream the World Cup 2018 on NRK for free?

To get a Norwegian IP address I recommend using the VPN services of HideMyAss. They have a big summer discount available, making it ideal for this purpose.

Once you have your subscription in order, download the HideMyAss client, install it, and connect to a server in Norway. You should then get a Norwegian IP address, and you can at once visit, find the live stream and start watching the FIFA World Cup online. Easy, isn’t it?

If you want more information on how to stream the FIFA World Cup on Norwegian TV (in Norwegian), check this article. If you want to see a full schedule showing you when the different teams will play, check the FIFA 2018 schedule here. And if you want to watch all the matches from the FIFA World Cup online for free, then the easiest way might be to stream the matches on ITV/BBC in the UK. A description on how to watch the World Cup online on BBC/ITV in the UK can be found here.

Hope you will enjoy the FIFA World Cup! If you have a comment or a question, write it in the comment field.

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