Watch Euro 2016 online on NRK from outside Norway

Euro 2016 is the big event of the year for football fans and even though Norway did not manage to qualify for the event due to a double loss against Hungary in the play-off matches, Norwegians will for sure be eager to watch the event, both on TVs and online.

To watch the Euro 2016 online you will need to have a Norwegian IP address. That is very easy to get and you can read more about how to get one in the following article which I wrote a few years back.

But, it is worth knowing that NRK will not broadcast all the matches from the Euro 2016, because they are sharing the rights to broadcast the Euro 2016 with TV2 in Norway, another great TV channel. There is only one bad thing with TV2, and that is that you can not watch their live streams online for free, like you can with NRK. In both cases you will need a Norwegian IP address and the best way to get one is to use the services from HideMyAss, and once you have signed up you connect to a server in Norway, and thus you will be ready to watch both TV2 and NRK online from abroad.

The plus subscription needed to watch Euro 2016 online on TV2 Sumo in Norway will cost probably around 25 USD for one month, so if you want to know more about how you can watch the Euro 2016 online in a cheaper way without paying anything extra for it on UK TV, read this article on on the topic of watching Euro 2016 online.

Fans of NRK in Norway will at least be happy that NRK will broadcast some of the matches from the European Championship, especially considering the fact that later in the summer TV2 alone will broadcast all the highlights and events from the Summer Olympics.


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