NRK will not broadcast the Summer Olympics 2016 in Norway

NRK is considered by many to be the best TV channel in Norway for covering sports events, and that is why many people are sorry that the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio will be aired on TV2 instead of NRK.

In other words, if you want to watch the Summer Olympics online on Norwegian television then it will not help you to gain access to NRK and to watch it online, because you will need to watch it on TV2 and their online platform is named TV2 Sumo and you will need to pay quite a lot to get access to it. But, if money is no hindrance for you, then get yourself a Norwegian IP address and sign up for TV2 Sumo and then you will be able to watch the Summer Olympics online on Norwegian television. The Summer Olympics will be arranged in Brazi, in Rio, from the start of August until August 21st, if I remember correct at the moment.

For more information about watching the Summer Olympics online this article can be recommended written by Thomas in the IP Guide.

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