Why can’t I find the NOW TV application in Google Play Store?

NOW TV Android appI so much want to watch NOW TV on my Android device, but as I open the Google Play store and search for the NOW TV application I am unable to find it. What is the problem?

Thank you for asking, and I am not 100% sure, but I have a big guess that the problem is your location. Hopefully you have read my main article about watching NOW TV from abroad and you have already gotten yourself a HideMyAss subscription and downloaded their VPN app to your Android device. Then you will need to connect to a server in the United Kingdom. These are the basics, and this will provide you with a UK IP address. If you have done so and still get the problem, do not be afraid. Here comes the trick!

To be able to download the NOW TV application from Google Play you need to follow the mentioned steps, but before continuing enter your Settings – Applications – Google Play Store. Once there you press Clear Data, and with this done (and as you are connected to the HideMyAss server in the UK) open Google Play Store again and search for NOW TV. You will find the application and you can download it from wherever you are in the world.Visit HideMyAss website

You should be aware of another problem that you might face later and that is that it seems as if NOW TV also checks up on your SIM Card (if you run the NOW TV application on a mobile device) and if that mobile device has a SIM Card from a nation outside the UK you will see another error message later telling you that “Connection from this SIM Card isn’t supported.” The solution to this, which is not really a good solution but still the only one, is to remove your SIM Card from the phone and it will work. If you use a tablet the problem is easier because since you do not have a SIM Card with a registered phone number in a certain nation, you will not face the problem. So, either an Android phone without a SIM Card or a tablet without a SIM Card, that is the way to get rid of that problem.

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