Watch San Andreas on NOW TV

On March 11th San Andras will come to NOW TV. I have not seen it myself, but if you want to watch San Andreas on NOW TV, you have now been given the chance.

San Andreas is a catastrophe film from 2015 with very average critics. The film of course has its big fans, but it has not received super praise, meaning that this is not a film you will remember forever, probably. If you have seen San Andreas and liked it, why not write a comment and let me know why. If you have seen it and did not like it, then I am very curious to hear why you did not like San Andreas.

watch san andreas on NOW TV
Do not miss out on San Andreas on NOW TV

If you have not seen San Andreas yet, then you can watch San Andreas on NOW TV from March 11th in 2016. Enjoy the chance and all you need is a NOW TV Movies subscription, which you can try for free for 14 days if you have not tried it earlier. It is well worth the money, so give it a try. If you are located abroad and want to watch NOW TV, then you can read more about unblocking NOW TV in the linked article.

I hope you will enjoy the film, and if you want more information and cool articles related to films, TV series, VPNs, SmartDNS services and more, visit for more information!

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