Watch Gravity online on NOW TV

Gravity onlineI just wrote an article on the fact that you can watch Interstellar online on NOW TV, and if you have read that article you probably now that I did not like Interstellar that much, but a film I disliked even more than Interstellar was Gravity. So, I will for sure not watch this film on NOW TV, but since I know that the film has millions of fans worldwide I thought I should mention it here anyway that you can now watch Gravity online on NOW TV.

To watch the film you first need a NOW TV subscription which is available to people in the UK. If you are located outside the United Kingdom, then read the instructions in this article to find out how you can watch Gravity and NOW TV. Once you have a Now TV subscription for the Movies Package you can go ahead and watch Gravity online with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney right away.

Some in my family said that almost couldn’t breathe as Sandra Bullock flew around in space and it was simply amazing. I was so bored that I almost could not sit still in the cinema, but that was probably my problem. Have you seen it? Did you like Gravity? Watch it right away on NOW TV if you have not seen it yet!

Also, if you have not read about NOW TV yet then I recommend that you read this amazing article which gives you six reasons why you should get yourself a NOW TV subscription!

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