Watch Focus on NOW TV

Do you like Will Smith? Do you like Margot Robbie? Now you can see them both together in Focus, a film made in 2015, and as of December 11th you can watch it with a NOW TV Movies Subscription.

Focus on NOW TV

NOW TV frequently adds new and great films to their register of films available, and Focus is a new top film. Personally I am not at all a big fan of Focus, so I watched it, but the film kind of bored me, so I just jumped throughout the film to see how it ended, but it did not really interest me. There are far more interesting films available on the market, at least that is what I think, but if you are a fan of Will Smith and want to see a film about betting, playing with high risk and lots at stake, then you might like Focus very much!

Personally I would probably watch some other kind of action film, for example Kingsman which is a way better film, but they are very different, so maybe it is a mistake of me to compare them to one another.

Enjoy watching and do not forget to bookmark this page to get information on new films and TV series being added to NOW TV, so that you can get the most out of your ongoing NOW TV subscription! For more information on how you can watch NOW TV from outside the UK, just press the link, and you will find out how you can watch Premier League football online and so much more!

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