One month sports pass available

Sports Pass NOW TVThis is what many would call yesterday’s news because it happened quite a lot of days ago, but to those who have not heard about it yet, this is great news, especially considering the upcoming Premier League which is to start at August 8th.

The news is the fact that NOW TV has made it possible to buy one-month subscriptions to their Sports package, meaning that you do not have to buy just day passes or week passes, but you can now also buy monthly passes. Not only does it make things more convenient as your credit card will only be charged once a month, but it will also make things cheaper, because the price of a weekly pass was 9.99 GBP, and now the price of the month pass is 31.99 GBP a month. So, as you soon will see you will save quite a lot of money as well going for the newly introduced monthly pass for NOW TV Sports. And since there will be loads of matches weekly with the Premier League coming up it is without a doubt the best solution with a month pass!

Are you ready for the start of Premier League 2015-16? Read more about watching it online here (NOW TV has been recommended as the best way to watch). At the site, you will also find a live version where you can follow matches live, and you will find the Premier League standings, schedule and as I mentioned, live coverage.

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