NOW TV and Sim card error

Sim Card Error NOW TVAre you trying to watch NOW TV on an Android device but get the following error message: “Sim card error – Connection from this SIM Card isn’t supported.”  What can you do if that is you?

The first time I tried to watch NOW TV on my Android phone I got this message. First I did not find the NOW TV application in the Google Play Store, but that is easy to fix, just read the instructions here. That is a very common thing you always face as you want to download such application, so if you want to watch Amazon Videos or maybe Netflix you will need to do the same thing. But, I have never received such an error message before with Sim card error, so I had to think a little and then I decided to try the following.

Get rid of the SIM card error.

My theory was that maybe NOW TV has gotten so smart that they actually check up the nation and number of the SIM Card in some way, and if they discover that the SIM Card is registered to another nation than the UK they will give you this error message, no matter if you have a UK IP address or not. To try it I simply removed my SIM Card from the phone, connected to a UK server with HideMyAss to get a UK IP address and started the NOW TV application again. And guess what, it worked! Later on I returned my SIM Card back into the phone, and guess what… it did not work anymore and the error message returned. The solution is therefore either to get yourself a UK SIM Card, or remove it. Or buy a cheap extra Android phone (with no SIM card) or a tablet (with no SIM card) and watch NOW TV on those, and then you can keep your current phone with your current SIM Card and have fun on that, but use NOW TV application on some other device instead.

If you have a Chromecast and use your Android phone as a remote you do not need to remove the SIM card, just make sure to activate the Chromecast (cast to your screen) before pressing the play button on the film. As you already cast your screen the film itself will not start to play on your Android device (and get the SIM card error), but instead it will automatically launched on your TV (with the Chromecast) and you will no longer suffer from the SIM card error.

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