Elementary season 4 coming to Now TV today

As of November 19th in 2015 you can start watching Elementary season for on Now TV with an Entertainment pass. The first episode will be broadcasted today, meaning that you can watch it either live online, or you can watch it on demand after the original airing time.

Elementary on Now TV

You can not watch the entire Elementary season from today, but only episode one, but as the new episodes are made available you can start watching them as well on Now TV, on demand, or live.

Elementary is the modern story of Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant investigator who works with Dr. Watson, who in this TV series is a girl. They are a great couple who help each other and work together as great partners. I am a big fan of Elementary myself and even though I have not yet seen the latest episode in season 3, I have seen all other Elementary episode from the seasons, so I will for sure watch Elementary season 4 as well in the future. Maybe I will watch it on Now TV, or maybe I will simply watch the new episodes on the CBS website… who knows.

No matter where you decide to see it, you can find more information on watching Now TV and CBS from abroad in the links beneath.

Here you can also see the Elementary season 4 trailer. Enjoy it!

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