Can i watch NOW TV without a box?

do-i-need-a-now-tv-boxAre you looking for a way to watch NOW TV without a box? Would you like to watch Sky TV online without a cable subscription? Is it possible?

I remember the moment I discovered what NOW TV was about. It was a fantastic day in history. Till then I had suffered a lot on the Sky website trying to get a subscription for watching the channels online only, but it was really hard. So the moment I discovered NOW TV everything changed. I discovered that I could easily sign up for the Sky TV channels that I wanted, and I did not even need a NOW TV box or a cable subscription. The box is only needed in case you want to use it with your TV, but if all you want to do is to watch NOW TV on your computer, laptop, cell phone or maybe on Apple TV or Chromecast the box is not needed. Isn’t that brilliant news?

What is the purpose of the NOW TV box?

The NOW TV box is something you can compare to an Apple TV or a Amazon Fire TV (Stick), Roku or maybe even a Chromecast. You can easily connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable. You will also connect it to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. At once you will be able to enjoy NOW TV live or on demand, and all the TV channels included in the NOW TV package(s) you are subscribed to. It is a perfect tool, but not at all a necessary tool. If you have an Apple TV then you can download the NOW TV application from the app store and start watching right away.

If you have an Android device and a Chromecast then you simply cast your NOW TV application to the Chromecast and you can watch on demand and live streams on your TV in that way.

The NOW TV box is on other words very useful, but it is not at all necessary.

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