Working Moms [Netflix original] review

Working Moms is the name of a new Netflix original series that launched on Netflix in March 2019. Netflix is trying to reach the mom generation with this new series, but will it be a success?

Netflix is doing their uttermost at reaching all sorts of viewer groups with their series. Robozuna is a Netflix original series that gives children a taste of the Star Wars universe, in an animated series. Sex Education is a series that will attract teenagers and lots of older people as well who find sex humor to be amusing. Jimmy Carr is a talk-show, and in the same way, as the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. But, these are only some of the Netflix original shows. If we start mentioning Black Mirror, a TV show suitable for those 20 years or older who want some magic, awesome stories, and cases that will stir their minds up, or The Crown, a show for those who love costume TV shows like Downton Abbey. There is so much Netflix original material out there that almost any people group will find something suitable for them… But, what about the mums who are spending their entire day breastfeeding and trying to hold the household together? What about them?

Working Moms on Netflix

Working Moms is a Netflix original story, and the first season consist 13 episodes, all lasting 22 minutes. I do not know anything about whether or not they will renew the show for a second season, but if it would be my decision, it would not! But, I can also easily imagine that moms who are tired and just want to get some sympathy by their TV before they fall asleep after a very tiring day, might get some comfort watcing Working Moms.

In Working Moms we meet some ladies who are moms, some of them have several kids, while others have only one. They are all trying to get a hold of their lives, and they are facing challenges such as going back to work after giving birth. That might be easy, you think, but it isn’t that easy if your breasts are full of milk. What can you do then? Imagine having to pump your breasts for milk in an open office? Where to go then?

I believe many moms and those familiar with these situations will get some nice laughs watching Working Moms on Netflix. They will see so many challenges and conflicts they know from their very own lives, and thus, they will either laugh, or just turn even more frustrated. It all depends on your day and whether or not you want to see even more frustrated women as you sit down in front of the TV, or if you want to forget everything about breastfeeding and parenting, and rather watch the Netflix original psychological thriller You on Netflix instead.

After watching the first episode of Working Moms, I have got to say that I had a fairly good time, but I do not feel like watching future episodes. It was too boring, and it didn’t grab a hold of me. It didn’t have interesting characters, but maybe that is because I am male and not a women. If you are a woman and a mom, you might identify much more with the characters than I do, and thus, you will have a better time watching it.

But, I watched it with my wife, and she was way more bored than I was, so who knows?

Where can you stream Working Moms on Netflix?

It is really easy to watch Working Moms on Netflix. This is a 100% Netflix original, meaning that you can watch it in every single Netflix region out there. It is not a 90% Netflix original, like Designated Survivor, a show that Netflix is showing as a Netflix original in most countries, except in the United States where it was produced for a different TV network.

As a result, you can easily watch Working Moms in every single Netflix region with no exceptions at all. All you need is a Netflix subscription. Doesn’t that sound nice?

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