Where can I watch I See You on Netflix?

I See You is the name of the brand new movie starring Helen Hunt. She plays the role of a mother whose boy suddenly disappeared, and now things are turning strange. What happened to the boy? Would you like to watch I See You on Netflix? I will tell you how and where to stream the movie on Netflix!

I See You is an awarded movie and it is full of all sorts of twists, you know, those in which the story takes sudden turns that you wouldn’t have expected at all. The 2019 movie I See You currently has a 6,3/10 score on IMDb. That isn’t a very impressive score, but it also tells us that the movie has quite a lot of fans out there.

I See You on Netflix

I will write more about the movie later, but first, let me tell you how and where to stream I See You on Netflix.

Watch I See You on Netflix (2019)

You can currently watch this movie on Netflix in one single country, in Australia. I have already written an article on how to watch Australian Netflix elsewhere, but to make it short, this is what you need to do.

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I See You 2019

What do people say about I See You?

I have been looking through some of the user reviews on IMDb, and here you have some of the most popular and helpful comments.

Very well directed with eerie feel. I often wonder why more thrillers like this don’t utilize the power of sound and musical scores to build tension in a scene. Anyways I was pleasantly surprised by this in a year that hasn’t released many good movies. I hope to see more from this director!


Here you have another short review written by someone sharing very similar feelings.

If you want a movie that offers some good suspense and one that does a pretty good job with misdirection along with some WTF head scratching moments then you can’t go wrong with this film.


And then you have one more review even more positive.

Novice director Adam Randall did an excellent job behind the camera and in directing his cast. All casting and performances were spot-on, with the exception of Helen Hunt, who seemed spaced-put and truly on all those pills she was popping. The score was perfection, creating the perfect tension and suspense. This film was actor Devon Graye’s first screenplay, and he hit it out of the ballpark. Some of the twists were certainly over the top and there were some plot and technical issues, but for an amateur screenwriter, he did better than some recent seasoned writers’ films I’ve seen lately. In comparison, his writing was genius. The 96 min runtime was perfect, but I felt the start was too slow and the ending too fast. I would’ve liked to have seen more even pacing. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and my head is still spinning from the plot twists. I’m definitely going to see it again. A well deserved 9/10 from me


So, what do you say? Are you ready to stream the movie on Netflix, or do you want to watch the trailer first? If you haven’t seen the trailer of I See You yet, take a look at the trailer right now.

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Enjoy the movie!

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