The Ten Most Popular Netflix Original Movies Ever (by July 2020)

We can feel really lucky in these days, as Netflix has just given us information about the 10 most popular original Netflix movies on Netflix. That is, they have shared data with us about the ten productions they have produced that had most viewers in the first four weeks after the movie release.

I have taken a look at the list, and here you will find the list, and of course, some of my comments. You can also see this clip presenting the movies if you want to see small clips from all the titles.

The Ten Most Seen Movies on Netflix

  • Extraction

This is the Chris Hemsworth movie that was released in the middle of the Coronavirus phase 1 during spring of 2020. I have got to be honest, I like Chris Hemsworth, but this was actually a quite boring movie. I guess everyone was stuck in isolation and to get a piece of adrenaline, everyone ended up watching this movie.

  • Bird Box

This movie with Sandra Bullock came to me as a great surprise. I don’t like scary movies and thrillers, but this was a thrilling movie, and even though I found it to be a bit scary at time, I really enjoyed it and I think back at the movie as a real treat.

  • Spenser Confidential

This is based on a series of Spenser books, and to be honest, it was quite fine, but nothing else. I will watch any successors in the future, simply because it is entertaining. This is an action comedy with some cool characters, but to be honest, I have mostly forgotten the entire movie.

  • 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds is amazing, but in 6 Underground, I felt like it was so much adrenaline and card hunts, that you simply got too tired to be able to enjoy the movie from the start until the end. Truly, I like Ryan Reynolds, but they should have been able to take the pace down a bit and to work more on the story instead.

  • Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play the main roles in this comedy from Netflix, which is also a murder investigation. I had a great time watching the movie and it is ideal for those who want a nice evening in front of the TV with some laughing and some good jokes.

  • The Irishman

Need I say more… Robert de Niro and other famous actors, and after one hour, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I haven’t been able to finish it since then (the movies lasts for more than 3 hours).

  • Triple Frontier

This is a Ben Affleck movie about a group of former agents who go together to do a last mission. Things don’t go as planned, and now they have to escape over a mountain to get back home safely. Quite a tragic movie, and once again, a bit depressing, and not a movie I would ever spend time on again.

  • The Wrong Missy

This is a crazy comedy, also released during the COVID-19 in spring 2020. As a result, people wanted to have fun, and I guess we all ended up watching The Wrong Missy. I have got to be honest, it has lousy humor, but I actually laughed way more watching this than I normally do watching comedies. In other words, you might want to give this movie a try!

  • The Platform

This is quite a brilliant movie. It is the first movie that isn’t from Hollywood (instead it comes from Spain). It tells about a prison in which there are levels, and a big plate of food goes through the levels until the bottom. However, by the time it reaches the lower levels, no food is left. This is a movie about psychology, empathy and much more.

  • The Perfect Date

Haha, the only movie on this list that I haven’t watched yet… sounded too lame based on the trailer and the description. Maybe I should give it a chance no matter what.

Which are your favorite Netflix original movies?

I have shared the top-ten list from Netflix, and also my thoughts on all the movies. Now I would like to hear from you. Which are your favorite movies on Netflix? What do you think of this top-ten list?

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