When can I watch Cuckoo season 4 on Netflix?

The fourth season of Cuckoo premiered on BBC 3 in England on August 3rd. I have watched all six episodes already, but the question on everybody’s mind is, when will Cuckoo season 4 come to Netflix?

We all had to wait for a long time for the fourth season of Cuckoo. It took years for BBC to produce the season, but then it suddenly showed up in August 2018. I was so happy the moment I noticed it, and I quickly watched all six seasons of Cuckoo on BBC. Maybe you would like to do the same, but don’t know how it can be done? Read these instructions on how to watch BBC from abroad, and watch it right away.

But, we had to wait for a long time for the fourth season to be released on BBC. And do you know what we had to wait a long time for as well? For the earlier seasons to get to Netflix.

The fourth Cuckoo series on Netflix
The fourth Cuckoo series on Netflix

When will the 4th season of Cuckoo get to Netflix?

The release date has been set. The fourth season of Cuckoo will get to American Netflix on December 14th. I am not entirely sure if it will be added to all regions worldwide, but it might be. So, make sure to check your Netflix account on December 14th to see if the fourth season has been added. If it hasn’t, head over to American Netflix to have a look at it.

I have seen the fourth season already and I had a splendid time doing so. It wasn’t as revolutionary as the first season, and I might have laughed more at the earlier seasons, but I still had a fantastic time. But, the question now coming up is – when will we see Cuckoo season 5? We had to wait for years for the fourth season to be released, so I have my doubts about a fifth season at all.

Have you seen Cuckoo season 4 already? How did you like it?

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