What’s up with Astrill VPN and Netflix? Does it work?

Have you read about Astrill VPN and now you wonder if you are going to sign up for their services? Can you use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix? 

Astrill VPN might not be the most famous VPN provider on the market, but it is still to be recognized as one of the bigger providers, and they have a good rumor online. You can use Astrill VPN to unblock lots of TV channels online, but can you use Astrill VPN to unblock Netflix? Or maybe you do not even want to unblock Netflix, you just want a VPN that will keep you secure and encrypted online while you watch your favorite series and movies on Netflix.

astrillvpn and netflix

Astrill VPN and Netflix

Astrill VPN is making it both hard and easy when it comes to Netflix streaming. While you will get the proxy and unblocker error message as you try to stream Netflix using most other VPN providers, you will never get the error message with Astrill VPN. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Not everyone will notice this at once, but if you connect to an Astrill VPN server in Sweden, in Germany, in the UK, in France, or in the USA, the result will always be the same – you can stream Netflix, but you will always see the same content. How come? What is it that you are actually seeing?

Astrill VPN is using a Smart DNS service whenever you connect to one of their VPN servers. The result is that they will always manipulate your location as you open the Netflix application on your Android device, iOS device, Macintosh or in Windows. As a result, you will always see the content of the American Netflix catalog as you use the VPN services of Astrill VPN.

This should be considered both positive and negative.

  • It is positive because you do not need to connect to an American server in order to watch American Netflix. You can, therefore, surf quicker as you connect to a VPN server closer to your location, but you will still be able to watch American Netflix.
  • It is negative because you do not have any chance in the world to watch the Netflix content in any other nation. But, since Netflix mostly block all VPN providers anyway, this isn’t such a big problem after all.

In other words, you can use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix and to surf safely while watching a Netflix movie. You will always be shown the contents of American Netflix, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for most people out there.

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