Watch The Tourist on Netflix

You can now watch The Tourist on Netflix in a wide specter of Netflix regions. If you want to watch The Tourist online on Netflix with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, this is what to do!

The Tourist tells a story about a much wanted criminal traveling to Venice (if I remember correct) and the police is all out there eager to catch him. He is traveling with Angelina Jolie, but who knows who this much wanted criminal really is? There is a real hunt for him, but most people expect him to be very smart and come in disguise. But, what is the truth? You will find out if you watch The Tourist on Netflix.

The Tourist on Netflix
Now you can watch The Tourist on Netflix

The Tourist on Netflix

The Tourist can currently be seen in the following Netflix regions: Belgium, Brazil, Pakistan, Mexico, India, Costa Rica and Italy.

If you want to watch it on Netflix, but currently reside in another country, read more about changing your Netflix region in the linked article.

Is it worth changing your Netflix region because of The Tourist? This might not be the best film I have ever seen, but I remember enjoying it quite a lot as I watched it and I believe that it is a nice film for those who like smart criminals and police trying to catch the bad guys! It is not an action film and not a brutal film, but more about the story, so can almost work out as a family film for families with teenagers.

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