Suffer yourself through Hot Pursuit on Netflix

Are you ready for about 100 minutes of suffering? Watch Hot Pursuit on Netflix, which was just made available!

Hot Pursuit tells us the story about a cop played by Reese Witherspoon which is to protect the wife of a drug guy, but due to some corrupt cops things turn much more complicated and Reese Witherspoon travels around with this diva lady to protect her from all sorts of bad guys. I thought once that this might in fact be a good film, but I was totally wrong and to me Hot Pursuit was about 100 minutes of suffering. If you want 100 minutes of suffering as well, then you can now watch Hot Pursuit on Netflix.

Hot Pursuit on Netflix
Now you can watch Hot Pursuit on Netflix

Hot Pursuit on Netflix

Hot Pursuit was made available on Netflix for the first time on March 21st in 2016. The right was Australia and if you want to watch it there then you can read more about region switching on Netflix in the linked article. More general information about watching Netflix from abroad can be found here.

If you want to watch some other film with Reese Witherspoon on Netflix then Wild is much better, and even though I did not really love that film either, it is way better than Hot Pursuit at least. But, much better than Hot Pursuit, but still quite similar when it comes to story is The Heat with Sandra Bullock. So now you have some more suggestions if you are looking for a film tonight.

Please share your thoughts if you have seen Hot Pursuit and tell me if you suffered yourself through the film in the same way that I did, or maybe you in fact enjoyed it?

1 thought on “Suffer yourself through Hot Pursuit on Netflix”

  1. In Hot Pursuit we meet Reese Witherspoon playing a cop who does everything by the book. She knows all rules by heart and is incredibly boring. One day she is sent out to take care of someone who is taken to witness protection and she ends up having to protect a wife who is crazy and always drags her suitcase around. This could be a cool plot with lots of great jokes, but instead it is simply so boring that you will probably do better falling asleep than watching this film.

    I do not want to tell you the full story of the film, because that will only destroy the fun watching, but in a way you would probably have saved lots of time if I simply wrote the entire film so that you would not have to waste 90 minutes actually watching Hot Pursuit.

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