Watch Son of Saul on Netflix

Did you know that Son of Saul won the Oscar Award as best foreign film in 2016? This tells us the story about the Son of Saul, from a concentration camp during the Second World War. And yes, now you can watch Son of Saul on Netflix!

Son of Saul is a Hungarian production that became a giant success. It won lots of awards, but the most important award was of course the Oscar it received in February 2016. Now you can get access to and watch Son of Saul on Netflix. Unfortunately the film has not been made available in all Netflix regions, but at the moment it can only be watched on Canadian Netflix. If you want to get access to Canadian Netflix from abroad, click the link for more information on how it is done. For general information on how to access other Netflix regions, check here.

Son of Saul on Netflix
You can now watch Son of Saul on Netflix

Son of Saul on Netflix

It is very interesting to read about Son of Saul. It has received very varying critics. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a fantastic score of 96%, while iMDB gives it a 7,5/10. The newspaper The Guardian gives Son of Saul a 5/5 score. It should be said that The Guardian and Rotten Tomatoes are made of people who actually live from watching films, while iMDB scores are more like the common man in the street. There is little doubt about the fact that Son of Saul is a masterpiece worth a high score, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that an average person will like it.

Some people love this film (in a way such a film can be loved), while others find the way it has been made annoying. Take a look at Son of Saul on Netflix yourself and find out if this is a film after your taste or not.

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