Travel from Bergen to Oslo on Netflix

Do you want to discover the beauties in the Norwegian nature? Travel with train from Bergen to Oslo. The trip lasts for seven hours and can be seen on Netflix.

The program is named Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo and can now be seen on Indian Netflix and on UK Netflix. Simply press the links to find out more about how you can get access to content in those Netflix regions easily.

In this TV program where there is no speaking you can simply feel like as if you are seated in the very front of the train and see everything that can be seen from there. Here you can watch beautiful snow on the mountains of Norway, and also get a glimpse of the capital of Norway as the train rides in to the not so beautiful capital of Norway named Oslo.

If you try watching this you might wonder why it is so dark in the video from times to times. Do not be surprised to discover that Norway is packed with tunnels and in some of these tunnels you will not see anything at all, except from darkness. But, after a while the darkness disappears and the Norwegian nature will come forth once again.

During the train trip you will for example see pictures from Finse and here comes a fun fact. At this spot scenes for the second Star Wars film (which in a way is the fifth film) was recorded way back in time. The film will also present fun facts all the way throughout the travel, like the one you can see beneath.

Fun fact from train trip
Between Myrdal and Finse you can 34 tunnels!

Enjoy getting to know Norwegian nature and railroads as you watch this film!

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