Watch Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

Pitch Perfect is a movie about a group of girls singing a cappella and turning into big stars. In Pitch Perfet 2 the girls return, but this time their goals is to win an international competition.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 a while ago and I must admit that the movie was quite okay to watch. It wasn’t a movie I will want to watch repeatedly, but just like its predecessor it gave nice entertainment for around 90 minutes. The story works fine and if you like a cappella music and singing in movies, then this might be a movie you will like.

Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

At the moment, you can only watch Pitch Perfect 2 in two different Netflix regions. Those regions are the Netherlands and in Portugal.  It will for sure show up in more Netflix regions in the coming months but so far this is all you have got. For more information on how you can watch Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix in the Netherlands, read my instructions on how to access Dutch Netflix abroad in this article. Notice that you can find more information in general on how to watch Netflix from abroad here at this site.

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2? Did you enjoy the movie? Feel free to write your own comments, thoughts or maybe even questions using the comment field beneath.

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