Can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix?

24: Legacy just premiered on Fox following Super Bowl 2017. I have just watched the pilot episode and enjoyed it. But, can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix? Or where to watch it?

I must admit that as I watched 24: Legacy I did not do so on Netflix. And luckily I did not have to download it illegally using a Torrent system or so on. Unfortunately 24 Legacy can not be found on Netflix at the moment, so it will probably take around 6 months before it will arrive to the best and coolest Netflix regions.

But, if you want to watch 24: Legacy online then the best way to do so is on Hulu. They stream all the episodes and give you access to them the day after the episodes originally air on Fox. That is why I could watch the pilot episode of 24: Legacy as I woke up in the morning on February 6th, the morning following the premiere episode which aired after Super Bowl on February 5th.

If you want to watch 24: Legacy on Hulu then you can do so for free for two weeks. If you press this link you will be able to sign up for Hulu, but you will only have to pay after two weeks. That means you can give the service a try and if you like it, then you can of course continue with a paying subscription after that initial period. If you are located outside the United States then you can read more about how to watch Hulu from abroad at

24 legacy on netflix

Watch 24 Legacy on Netflix.

As I mentioned earlier you can not watch 24 Legacy on Netflix yet. But, I will update this article as soon as I get information on how it can be done and in which regions it will be aired. All I know is that after streaming the first episode I am already biting my nails and waiting for the next one. And even though Jack Bauer did not show up, the tensity is still the same and there is little doubt about the fact that 24 remains 24, even without Jack Bauer.

Have you seen the pilot episode of 24: Legacy? Did you like it? Are you looking forward to the upcoming episodes as well? My suggestion is that you sign up for Hulu (if you do not have a subscription yet) and watch all the action over there. And do not forget that on Hulu you can also watch other great TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Lethal Weapon, This Is Us, Blindspot and other great stuff.

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