Watch Netflix in France

Netflix in FranceDo you want to watch Netflix in France? It is easy and you can watch in five minutes from now. All you need to do is to get an IP address in the UK and you can find yourself watching Netflix with a free 30 day trial in five minutes.

Unfortunately Netflix in unavailable in France, which means that as you visit the Netflix website you will simply see an error message telling you that Netflix is not available in your country yet. Luckily that can be fixed easily, all you need is to get an IP address in the UK and the problem is solved. Because, as you visit the Netflix website they do a check on your location based on your IP address. If they see that you are located in France they will show you the version of their website with the message that Netflix is unavailable in your country. But, if they during the check see that you have an IP address in the UK they will send you to another version of their site, the version at which you can start your free thirty day trial. The question is therefore in what way you can get an IP address in England?

[stextbox id=”alert”]Netflix will officially be launched in France in September, 2014. Until then you can use the following description to watch Netflix, and as you later get your very own French Netflix account, you can use the following description to watch your French Netflix account from outside France, using HideMyAss/PureVPN to get a French IP address.[/stextbox]

Watching UK Netflix in France

To watch UK Netflix in France you should visit the website of the VPN provider HideMyAss or PureVPN. Both providers have great websites and are very easy to use. Their websites look very similar and the prices are also quite the same, so visit both sites and use the VPN provider that seems like the best to you. For more information about their services, read my HideMyAss review and my PureVPN review.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

The main difference between the two providers it that HideMyAss has servers in far more nations and that they have a 30 day money back policy, while PureVPN only has a three day money back policy and servers in about half as many nations as HideMyAss. But, if you want to watch Netflix in France what matters is that the VPN provider has servers in the UK, and in this matter both HideMyAss and PureVPN will serve you greatly.

HideMyAss website

Visit their websites, make a subscription to any of the providers, download their free VPN client that comes with the subscription and connect to a server in the UK. Once that is in order you can restart Firefox (or whatever browser you are using) and you can visit the Netflix website and sign up for your thirty day free trial!