Watch Netflix in Germany

If you live in Germany and want to watch Netflix, you are a lucky person. In a way unlucky, because Netflix is not really available in Germany. But, lucky because you can easily watch Netflix in Germany, even though it is not really available.

[stextbox id=”alert”]Netflix will officially be launched in Germany in September. Until then you can use the following description to watch Netflix, and as you later get your very own German Netflix account, you can use the following description to watch your German Netflix account from outside Germany, using HideMyAss to get a German IP address.[/stextbox]

To be able to watch Netflix in Germany the solution is to get an IP address in the UK. Since Netflix is available to people living in Great Britain you will need to get a British IP address. Once you have this you will not get an error message every time you try to visit the Netflix website, but instead you will get a question if you want to sign up for the free 30 day trial period. And the answer to that question is of course yes. But, how can get get an IP address in England and get started?

Watch Netflix in Germany

Watch UK Netflix in Germany

To watch UK Netflix in Germany you can sign up with a VPN provider such as HideMyAss (please read my honest review here). They have tons of servers in the UK and once you sign up for the VPN services you can connect to any of these using their VPN client which as well is very easy to use and to download. All you therefore need to do is to visit the HideMyAss website, sign up for their service (not expensive at all), connect to a server in the UK and get started watching Netflix from Germany.

If you would rather watch the US Netflix use HideMyAss as well. They have servers in the USA providing you with an American IP address, and if you want to they also have virtual servers in Amsterdam and in London also giving you American IP, so that you will not lose much bandwidth on your quest for an American IP address. Enough reading, time to watch Netflix. Visit the HideMyAss website first and get started!

HideMyAss website

If you have tried this and watched Netflix in Germany, or maybe from some other nation in the world, write a comment and share your experience. I would love to hear from you!

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