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Little Einsteins onlineLittle Einsteins is an American animated television series on Disney Junior which was created by Eric Weiner and Olexa Hewryk. Little Einsteins is an educational television show for preschoolers and it was meant to teach to appreciate music and arts by introducing the kids and showing them mostly paintings and classical music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods in each episode. Every episode has a ‘mission’ and encourages the viewers to clap and sing along with the characters.

The main characters in the series are Leo who is the leader of Little Einsteins, he is the brother of Annie and he has red hair, green eyes and glasses, Annie who is the little sister of Leo, she loves singing and animals
especially dolphins and horses but she is afraid of spiders, she has blond hair and blue eyes, June is a ballerina who loves dancing, she has brown hair and eyes, Quincy is a boy who is into music and he plays a wide selection of instruments (violin, trumpet and guitar), he has brown hair and eyes, Rocket is the main transportation device of Little Einsteins who is also a friend of the them, Rocket has the ability to transform into the various forms of transportation such as submarine or train and he communicates with the others by singing.

You can watch Little Einsteins now on US Netflix. Find out how to watch Netflix from abroad here.

Watch Little Einsteins online (Youtube video)

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