Buy your VPN for watching Netflix from abroad now!

birthday presentIf you want to watch Netflix from abroad, then this is a great time to buy your VPN subscription, because the VPN provider we have written about in our main article dealing with watching Netflix from Abroad, PureVPN, is now giving away one year VPN subscription for free, if you decide to buy a subscription for one year.

That might sound complicated, but to make it easier… if you buy a one year subscription, they will give you one more year of subscription as a birthday present from them to you. This giant present is available throughout May 2015, so hurry up and sign up if you want to get hold of this great discount and present.

If you want to watch Netflix from abroad this is exactly what you need, because with PureVPN you can get both an American and an English IP address, which again will make it possible for you to watch UK Netflix all across the world, and in the same way to watch American Netflix from all across the world. There are much more goodies involved as you get your PureVPN subscription, because in total you can get an IP address in more than 100 different nations, and they also have their SmartDNS service which is ideal for example if you want to watch Premier League online or if you want to get ready for watching the rugby world cup 2015 online.
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Go ahead and visit their website, and get ready for watching Netflix and lots of other stuff online!

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