Watch Joy on Netflix

joy-on-netflixJoy is the film about a girl who has to fight hard to make life go around. Jennifer Lawrence has the main role, and now you can watch Joy on Netflix.

I recently mentioned Joy in an article I wrote on The reason is that Joy will not only come to Netflix in October (it has already arrived), but in the end of the month Joy will also be made available to HBO Now subscribers in the USA. In other words you can watch the film on HBO Now in the USA in the end of October, and maybe that is the way you will have to watch the film. Reason?

Joy is not available on US Netflix at the moment, and I have no clue when it will be made available. It is true that Joy is on Netflix, but it is not available on US Netflix, but on Canadian Netflix. This is my favorite Netflix region, but unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy it unless you are located in Canada.

Is it worth watching Joy on Netflix?

If I had plenty of time and my day would be about sitting in front of the TV only I would probably watch Joy. But, life is way to busy for me to live like that and that is why I have not watched Joy yet. That is not entirely true, because I actually started watching it (and watched 30 minutes), but then I had to go. And the strange thing is… I never wanted to finish it. I often feel like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory who always has to finish what he starts. As a consequence I often find it very strange when I do not have an urge to finish what I start. That causes a big warning signal for me.

Probably Joy did not actually get a hold on me. What about you? Did you like Joy? Have you watched Joy on Netflix? How would you rate the film?

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