Watch The Intervention on Netflix

the-intervention-on-netflixThe Intervention is a 2016 movie which just came to Netflix. Would you like to watch The Intervention on Netflix? It can be done!

The Intervention is a movie about several married couples who travel to a house to fix their marriages together. I have not actually seen the movie, but based on the trailer that seems to be the story. It is a mixture of a serious film and kind of a comedy, but probably more of a drama I would call it a comedy.

There are quite a lot of famous actors taking part in this movie and you can find out more about who they are as you take a look at the trailer of The Intervention further down in this article.

Watch The Intervention on Netflix

At the moment The Intervention was just added to Canadian Netflix. You will in other words need to be located in Canada, or get access to Canadian Netflix abroad, if you would like to watch this movie online on Netflix. You can of course buy the rights to watch it on services like Vudu, or Google Play Store, but if you first have a Netflix subscription then you would of course prefer to use that.

Take a look at the trailer for The Intervention beneath and find out whether this looks like a movie to you or not.

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Have you seen The Intervention? To me the word intervention became a normal word to use after watching How I Met Your Mother, a TV series in which interventions were frequently used. Since then I have also seen it in use in the brand new CBS series named Kevin Can Wait, and several other places.

What do you think about The Intervention? Write a few words and let me know!

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