Watch Ice Age: The Meltdown on US Netflix

I am a fan of the Ice Age films, but not a big fan. They are quite cool to watch and it is not like with for example The Lion King of with Aladdin that the first film was great and the others stink. It is more like with Shrek in which all films made had a good story and a good quality.

Ice Age The Meltdown on Netflix

So, if you want to watch Ice Age: The Meltdown on Netflix, then that is something you can do right now. It has just turned available on US Netflix, so with an American IP address you can start watching it at once, even from outside the US. That is how easy it is to watch films available on US Netflix in any other country in the world. And if you have not even got a Netflix subscription yet just get yourself a US IP address, visit, sign up for the 30 day free trial, and you can start watching US Netflix at once!

You can read more about how to watch Netflix from abroad in the following article.

Also worth knowing is the following.

  • Ice Age: The Meltdown from 2006 is available on US Netflix.
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift from 2012 is available on Canadian Netflix.

If you want to watch more Ice then you can also watch a whole lot of Pingu on Canadian Netflix.

Have fun and enjoy watching ice, snow and some great films on Netflix!


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