Watch Ant-Man on Netflix

It is almost incredible, but Ant-Man is on Netflix already and you can watch it right away if you already have a Netflix subscription. But, how to watch Ant-Man on Netflix?

watch ant-man on netflix
Now you can watch Ant-Man on netflix

If you do a quick search on Netflix in your current region you will probably find out that Ant-Man is not among the titles you can watch. But, how can I then say that Ant-Man is on Netflix? I can say so because it is on Canadian Netflix, and if you want to watch Netflix in Canada from abroad then you can use the following solution to easily change your Netflix region and thus you can watch Ant-Man on Netflix, but not only Ant-Man, but also other great films available on Canadian Netflix like Spy and Monuments Men. And you can also easily change your Netflix region to US Netflix, and thus you can get access to all sorts of Netflix content in different nations and regions easily and quickly.

Should you watch Ant-Man on Netflix?

Should you watch Ant-Man? I saw the film and had great expectations based on what other people who had seen it before me said. After watching it I agreed on the fact that it was a good film, but to me it was nothing amazing and not a film I would bother to watch again at some other time.

Have you seen Ant-Man? Did you enjoy the film? How did you like it? Why not write a few thoughts on the film in the comment field to tell me what you think about the film. And if you have not seen it yet, change your Netflix region to Canada and watch it right away, and then write a comment here afterwards on how you liked to watch Ant-Man on Netflix!

Enjoy the film!

1 thought on “Watch Ant-Man on Netflix”

  1. I would for sure say that it is a good film, but I am not at all a big fan of this film, and would probably not consider watching it over again, unless I really had to. Paul Rudd is having the main role playing Scott Lang, who is also the Ant-Man. In addition we meet Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym and Evangeline Lilly playing Hope Pym. The first part of the film I used trying to find out from where I felt Hope Pym so familiar, and then I realized that it was Evangeline Lilly playing and then I remembered her from playing in Lost, a TV series I liked until the last season and especially until the last episode which ruined the entire thing. But, back to Ant-Man!

    The story in Ant-Man is interesting and cool, but for some reason it did not have me 100% concentrated. In fact, most of the film I felt as if not so much was happening and it was very easy to predict the things taking place in the film.

    There were of course some cool clips and action scenes during the film and I had some good laughs, but as you might understand reading this, Ant-Man has not turned into one of my new favorite films.

    I have tried writing this without actually saying to much about the story so that I will not destroy the fun and action for you, but go ahead and watch the film, and please share your thoughts and feeling about the film and let me know if you are a big and new Ant-Man fan, or if you would rather watch Spiderman, Superman or maybe Guardians of the Galaxy instead. Or, maybe you would prefer X-Men which also share a lot of similarities with Ant-Man, and the story origin from the same place, but still very, very different!

    I can also assure you that this is not the last we will see from Ant-Man, because the rumors say that he will also appear in an upcoming Captain America film. Enjoy!

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